Sweet surreal world

Farewell Nepal.

Our nepalese friends farewelled us with smiles,  tears and ceremony to bless our onward journey. 





Hello Sweet Surreal World…

We have just slept for 12+ hours.

We closed the door on the magnificent coastal view from our beach front shack at 6pm and did not wake until 8:30 am the next morning.  We thought we were tired when we left Nepal. Dave’s closest mates will attest to the reality of his tired and distressed state. But add a 48 hour period where we perhaps slept 6 hours (thanks to flight times,  and a night bus which left at 11:30pm and arrived 4:30am,  and then a 2 hour ferry ride), we arrived at Tioman Island, Malaysia, in desperate need of sleep, relaxation and renewal. 

The children have just spent the last 6 hours in the water snorkeling, swimming, playing (literally,  I do not exaggerate!!). 

Interestingly, strangley, my mind is a blank with further personal sharings, but let me share some my inspirations from others with you:

From a letter from a dear friend…

The end of a chapter is always an interesting time. Focusing on the what has happened as well as the what next. The old processing questions still ring true: What, So what, Now what.  What have you experienced in your Nepal chapter? What does that mean for you? What will you be taking forward, the learning from these experiences?

In the wise words of Kate Gilson, be gentle in these times of transition. I am often mindful of the benefit of space and acceptance in even the smallest transitions now – going from the car to the office, kids going from school/ home. The change of pace and focus that each shift brings can be so much smoother with a bit of breathing space and acceptance. So I am wishing you much calm and joy and space for sadness and normalness and weirdness as they each need to be experienced.

The poetry of another friend…

I claim
the sun,
the moon
and the stars
as my kin.

I claim
the mountains
as my bones
and the rivers
as my blood.

I claim
the breeze
as my breath
and the rain
as my tears

Click here read the rest of this beautiful poem by Sara Foley, 2015

Sleep, glorious sleep.

Each day now,  for a long time yoga nidra practice has been on the must do list.

This is the link to my latest favorite. Ahh, imagine me on a beach,  relax and renew.

From the here and now, and story book reality:

This book kind of sums up where we are, and the dilemma of our presence.  Sharing this with you in awareness,  I can soak up the sensational reality of being here, no guilt.  Yet acceptance of the reality contradiction diversity in this world. 




Have you read this book? It is beautiful. 

8 thoughts on “Sweet surreal world

  1. Sweet surreal world indeed :). Lovely to see my words take on a life of their own, floating around the web…and I’m so glad you are resting. My goodness you must need it xo


    1. The opportunity for rest is indeed gratefully recieved and appreciated. Your words too were a tonic of inspiration that sang the song of connectedness that I feel to the beauty, complexity and reality of life nature cycles. May they travel wide and far and inspire many.

      Sent from Samsung tablet


      1. For a little poem that fell out of the sky and into my head during a new moon meditation, it has become far and away my most liked post 🙂 People love it, which of course makes me happy 🙂


      2. Wonderful… They are perhaps the best of all experiences/words…. Those ones that fall out of sky and arise within meditation. They echo deep truths, just like your poem.

        Sent from Samsung tablet

        Liked by 1 person

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